IT Consulting

Given the dependence almost all businesses have on their Information Technology (IT) systems it is important that business owners recognise that it is a vital asset of the business. Considering the potential for significant income loss in the event of major IT crash, and the penalties for non-compliance with laws and regulations, the need for an information technology business and security strategy has never been greater.

Your investment in Information Technology should enhance your business and improve performance. At WENTWORTH our experienced team provide an objective, independent and strategic view of IT and how it can support the development of the business and the achievement of corporate goals.

We work with clients to assess, plan, procure, deliver, improve and secure their IT systems. In today’s competitive environment a strategic investment in a business’s IT system can reduce costs and/or deliver a competitive advantage.

We assist businesses in complying with the regulations relating to information security and data protection.

We can perform physical, administrative, social, and technical security reviews; conduct data and infrastructure security assessments; perform attack and penetration testing; support internal audit departments. We have significant expertise in developing policies, procedures, controls surrounding compliance management.

Our services include:

  • IT strategy development
  • IT sourcing/procurement
  • IT security
  • Data and infrastructure security assessments
  • IT performance management
  • IT performance improvement
  • Business reporting
  • Develop procedures and controls
  • Compliance management

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