WENTWORTH July Jobs Stimulus Plan Summary

July Jobs Stimulus Plan

The July Jobs Stimulus Plan announced by the government last night includes €115 million for active travel, public transport and renewal of transport infrastructure.

The Stimulus is the next stage in Ireland’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and will help get Ireland’s businesses back on their feet and get as many people as possible back to work quickly.

The Stimulus focuses on six areas key relating to this department:

  • €40 million for improving accessibility and pedestrian infrastructure
  • €42 million to support urban and rural cyclists
  • €21 million towards improving rail journeys
  • €10 million for the adaptation of the road network to protect it in respect of climate change (including repairs to damaged roads as a result of severe weather events)
  • €2 million for new and expanded local bus services
  • €0.25 million to support the transition of local link services to zero-emission vehicles in areas of rural Ireland