What the Government’s €7 billion plan means for …. People

The Stimulus is the next stage in Ireland’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and will help get Ireland’s businesses back on their feet and get as many people as possible back to work quickly.

What’s in the plan . . . For people

The Pandemic Unemployment Payment will be extended to the start of April, but gradually cut, and it will close to new entrants from September 17th, 2020. It will be cut in line with people’s previous incomes, and over time payments will be brought into line with existing social welfare levels.

There will be tens of thousands of upskilling and training positions across a variety of schemes, including a retrofit skills training initiative which will link up with a wider retrofitting programme. Overall, the budget for investment in skills, training and education is €200 million

The Back to Work and Back to Education Allowances will be extended to people on the PUP.

There will be new services to assist jobseekers. Including through JobClubs, JobPath and Local Employment Services.

The bike to work scheme is being extended, and will include a limit of €1,500 on “ebikes”.

The government’s help-to-buy scheme is being enhanced with the maximum relief available now €30,000, an increase of €10,000. The Taoiseach said he hoped this would improve affordability, and did not believe it would push up prices.

The interest rate on tax debt repayments is going to be reduced to three per cent to help those struggling with these payments.

Further information on the plan is outlined in the document below.

July Jobs Stimulus Plan Document 

Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation Job Stimulus Package Details